A come - back post ^ . ^

~ Assalamualaikum ~

Hi bloggers , it has been awhile that I didn't post something here . Last February , I'm known as CHP or Cik Hijau Purple but now I'm Faie as normal obviously. I leave CHP because that name was given by my ex - friend and I don't want to remember the memories with him . Enough with the past .

Why I am writing in English ? Ohmy , I should realize that my English is so poor as my English teacher only gave me an A- for my last exam . Back to reality and write in BM instead .

Memang susah nak mulakan semuanya semula , tukar template baru , URL baru , bla bla bla baru . And Dan Faie pasti tak ramai yang ingat or rindu Faie as a blogger here . Tapi , Faie akan take all the challenges sahut semua cabaran untuk lebih maju kehadapan ^ SLOGAN ? ^
~ Nur Faie | 16 Tahun | SMK ( P ) Temenggong Ibrahim ~

Faie harap sangat semua bloggers boleh support Faie macam dulu , komen - komen macam dulu , interact berinteraksi dengan semua macam dulu dan bla bla bla .

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