There are so many ' whys ' in my life , especially when they come to my personal life and thoughts .
  • My friends can conversate in excellent English but I can't .
  • My friends can achieve a wonderful flying colours result in the same exam that I sat .
  • My friends can get positions in all field she joined but I'm not .
  • My friends can put on mostly any kind of clothes and look gorgeous on her but not suitable on me .
  • My friends can be a good leader in a team .
  • My friends have a good memory to memorise facts when learning . . .
  • My friends can conversate well in all topics she started .
  • My friends can handle a good , smooth conversation with strangers .
  • My friends can socialize excellently and at the same time being excel in studies .
  • My friends can lead a better ambience of life with her charisma .
  • My friends can dream for something that she determined to achieve .
  • My friends always have a good relationship with teachers .
  • My friends can . . . . Ughhh I can't list them !
But the point is , why I can't be like them ? Yeah it is true when people keep saying that " Just be yourself " . But at the same time , you have to idolise people around you in order to make yourself better . Am I right ?

Effort works when people do it ! Hm maybe there are too much sighing till I forget to force myself harder in studying or whatever I want . But have you heard bout ' Qada and Qadar ' . I do believe them ! Whatever it is , I'm sure my creator , Allah has his own way in loving me . As long as I still remember him and put him on the top list , InsyaAllah I'll always be on the right path .

Maybe I do have to learn a good social skill . Help me , someone ?
Sorry for my bad English --.--

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  1. biasa la kan.kita selalu tgk org lain lebih jea dari kita. tapi ada jea kelebihan kita yg kita tak nampak kan.hehe