The 10 Best Lyric Lines From Pink’s “Just Give Me A Reason”

Hai bloggers :) Maaflah since awal cuti sekolah hari tu dah pasang niat nak update blog , tapi maklumlah dah banyak sangat benda Faie nak tabahkan hati tempuh semua tu then terpaksa letak hal - hal blogging ketepi buat sementara . 

Hah ! Kali ni Faie nak share something yang mungkin bloggers taktahu pasal lagu " Just Give Me A Reason " yang jadi top list lagu - lagu favourite most of Malaysians sekarang ni . 

10. “You’ve been havin’ real bad dreams oh oh / You used to lie so close to me oh oh”

Getting started with this line sung by Ruess, it shows how the couple in the song is having deep relationship issues because she no longer seeks comfort in him. :’(

9. “There’s nothing more than empty sheets / Between our love”

We love this metaphor because it shows how simple their problems really are: it’s just empty space between them, and they need to come together to fill it up.

8. “Oh we had everything / Yeah but this is happenin’”

These lines come from Pink in the background when Ruess is singing his verse, which showcases the vulnerable side this song strongly has. It sets the mood of the song so well.

7. “You’re holding it in / You’re pouring a drink”

Who hasn’t been in a relationship where they’re afraid to bring up what’s bothering them? We don’t all hide it with drinks, per say, but it’s so common to mask what you’re feeling when you’re with somebody. Say what’s on your mind!

6. “Oh tear ducts and rust / I’ll fix it for us / We’re collecting dust / But our love’s enough”

A sweet reminder that sometimes, love goes through rough patches and can rust and collect dust, but it’s strong enough to recover.

5. “Your head is running wild again / My dear we still have everythin’ / And it’s all in your mind”

This is a great statement to remember when your thoughts are going out of control about your relationship: sometimes, the problems are all in your head!

4. “It’s in the stars / It’s been written in the scars on our hearts”

We swoon when we hear these lines because how often do you hear about love being written in the stars? It’s an extremely rare kind of relationship these two have, and with all of the scars of the fights they’ve been through still remaining, it’s a reminder that they’ve been through thick and thin.

3. “I let you see the parts of me / That weren’t all that pretty”

These lyrics are so fragile and truly reveal how it feels to really trust somebody when you fall in love with them. They see all your flaws, and it’s a scary feeling.

2. “Right from the start, you were a thief / You stole my heart, and I your willing victim”

It’s funny how the phrase “steal your heart” can sound so menacing, but in reality, you are letting the person take your heart away from you. We’re all willing victims in the game of love!

1. “Just a second we’re not broken just bent / And we can learn to love again”

We think the words “not broken just bent” are genius: it can take a lot to bend a person, but to break one is nearly impossible. It’s a great statement that is important to remember when you’re not only feeling broken-hearted, but just upset in general: you’re not broken, just bent!


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