a story to share

~ assalamualaikum ~

just have a look at burning fires in my eyes and don't afraid of it . .

today i wanna share a story bout my friend called siti . she owned a blog since 2009 but started active around disember 2011 . act , siti is my besties , we hang out together , study at the same school ( not the same class as she is smarter than me ) , and share everything together . one day , she sent a message at my FB sounded like this :

hey faie , can you please edit my blog . i want exactly the same as yours . here my blog's email address and its password .

but i refused and replied the message :

sorry siti . my blog isn't nice as your said . but , here the link of tutorial i've learnt before and applied to my blog . 

and then she told me that she can manage her blog by herself . i thought it was okay then . but , couple of days later , she asked me how to put FB's profile at blog . and i keep on helping her and neglected my beloved blog . what a friend with no helping hand ? then , she asked me to follow her blog and i did it . but , till now , she hasn't follow back my blog .

few days later , she sent me a message :

hey faie . please have a visit to my blog and don't forget to follow . have a good sight later . . 

and guess what ? it just a week and her follower is more than mine . envy there ! no doubt , she's a hotstuff . as my eyes working on her blog , i saw her bestboyfriend ( ali ) commented :

nice entry posted here . ( bla3 , too long to write back )

at that time , i was thinking to visit ali's and guess what ? no entry showed ! so , i made a fake blog to get a clue . bloggers know what ? she forces her admirer ( including my fake blog ) to make a blog to get more followers and comments . what a &#@% ! here the message she sent to me :

faie , you know what ? my followers getting more and more . i really like it ! and also goes the same with my comments . thanks for your guidance at the first , i owe you one . it's just a month and it almost reach 1+++ followers , happy bout that . and talking bout ali , he loves me ! and i think i fall for him too .

what a ???

nota mencuit kaki : maafla yea ? english CHP berhabuk sikit , ini first time tau CHP post entry dalam english . kalau salah grammar or structure ayat , betulkan kat komen tau ? act , cerita ni CHP ubah sikit , takut dia perasan pulak , dia tu dah lah selalu view blog ni , pastu nak compare2 dengan dia punya blog . sayangs bloggers , ~


  1. gilerr kentang minah tu .
    p kan , english ko TIPTOP la !
    great bangett :D

  2. amy , kau ni mmg peng - komen setia blog aku ye ? thanks aww ,
    ermm , english aku teruk laa ,
    siyes ny , :D

  3. uish..org macam tu pun ada ka?
    sabar jela..
    anyway, its okay..
    what goes around comes around rite?
    peace yaw!

  4. stalker belog kau nie .
    teruk la sangat kan .
    great A tu :D